Philips Hue outdoor lights perfect companion: Introducing the Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch

Smart lighting systems are not exclusive to indoor spaces. Thanks to the Philips Hue outdoor lights, you can now brighten your garden or terrace up. It’s up to you to create the perfect ambience to unwind after a long day.

The good news? To get effortless control over your lights, you can count on the new Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch.

This smart dimmer and switch connect perfectly with both the indoor and outdoor Philips Hue System, to give you a seamless experience in your home. Get ready to relax outdoors and personalise the mood of your lighting without having to get on your phone.

The Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch

Curious about the new addition to the Senic family? Discover the Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch, the first smart dimmer and switch for the outdoors.

Made for the outdoor

Our new smart switch is designed for the outdoors. That means that we had to rethink the switch materials to make it as sturdy as it could.

For the outer part of the casing, we chose to work with TPE. Without going into the technical details, we can say that this material offers the advantage of having a very high resistance to scratches or friction. This is, even more, the case with the material our switches are made of since it is also used in the car industry.

The inside part of the casing is covered with polycarbonate, a special material that can resist extreme temperature and conditions.

The result? Our Friends of Hue smart dimmer and switch for the outdoors successfully went through numerous stress tests - including a two-year test in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa! The switch is rated IP44, meaning that it is protected against rough weather and splashes of water.

How to set up a Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch?

Setting up our Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch can be done in a few simple steps. You can pair it with your Philips Hue System through the Hue app, just as you would with any other smart dimmer and switch. 

Open the Hue app on your phone, click on Settings > Accessories Setup > Add accessory and follow the instructions inside the Philips Hue App.

In less than a minute, your new switch will be connected to your Philips Hue System and ready to control your garden lights.

On which material or walls can I fix the outdoor smart switch?

The Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch can be used on the go, fixed with sticky dots or mounted on a wall.

In the box of your Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch, you’ll find a strip with 4 sticky dots. They are made for the outdoors and are especially hard to remove, so think twice before applying them on a surface! They work well on most outdoor walls that are made of wood or concrete. However, they are not recommended for porous materials. 

For extra solidity on specific materials, it is also possible to mount the switch using screws. In this case, we invite you to choose screws that fit with the material of your wall.

You can find more details on how to fix your outdoor switch to a surface in our in-depth guide.

Getting the most out of Hue outdoor lights

Whether you like simple and minimal looks or dramatic scenes, you can enjoy an unlimited choice of colours in your garden or on your terrace with the Philips Hue outdoor line. It was first launched in 2018 and keeps growing since then.

Which Philips Hue lamps and bulbs can I use outside?

Philips Hue outdoor line offers you an impressive range of lamps and bulbs to choose from. Among them, the Philips Hue Lily is one of the most popular lamps in the line. The Philips Hue Lily are black aluminium spotlights that offer excellent lighting for highlighting a tree or key features in your outdoor space. Other kinds of lamps include outdoor light strips that are perfect for creating ambience, pedestals that follow the path of a driveway, or wall lights that will brighten up instantly a terrace, door porch or loggia.

How to use outdoor lights controls in your garden or outdoor space?

Your creativity is the limit when it comes to outdoor lighting! 

If you have a patio or a wooden terrace in front of your doorstep, why not create a cosy and relaxing ambience to enjoy with your family during warm nights? A mix of yellows and oranges can for example be both calming and comfortable during dinner. You just have to switch it to more surprising colours such as magenta or green to create a festive mood in an instant. 

And if you have kids, let them play with the settings of your Senic Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch and play with painting your outdoor space with colours. It is a fun way to connect with your aspiring artists and to ignite their creativity!

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